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by admin on March 1, 2011

Every car insurance companies will claim there insurance rates are the cheapest. Searching cheap car insurance in Minnesota might be tough and demanding plus the yearly increase in insurance rates adds to the burden.  Inquiring from one company to another, whether by phone or local agents can be time-consuming and tedious. Good thing the Internet provides convenient way of getting auto insurance quotes without the sweat. In a relatively short period, you can already get 3 – 5 insurance quotes. Simply enter your zip code at the blank field and hit “Get Quotes”.

Minnesota Vehicle Insurance Requirements

Car insurance law varies from state to state and if you are planning to move to the state of Minnesota, then you need to abide to their existing rules. Learning their regulations should be your initial task before getting quotes. In this way, you can have an outlook on future cost calculation for a more effective quote comparison.

Minnesota is a No-Fault System state in which the insurance company will be responsible to pay all the expenses regardless of fault. In this way, you might be unable to sue under this system. But then, every state still has individual rules in terms of No-Fault System.

Under the state of Minnesota Law, you should register your vehicle by presenting a proof of pinsurance. The Minnesota Car Insurance department requires that you need to have the minimum auto liability referred as 30/60/10 wherein required payments are $30 000 for bodily injury per person, and up to $60 000 maximum per accident. For payment over property damage, the minimum liability coverage is of at least $10 000.

Unlike other State laws, Minnesota Auto Insurance department requires uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, insurance companies should pay $25 000 per injured person up to $50 000 per accident for bodily injury that is caused by UM driver.

Every vehicle must purchase Personal Injury Protection coverage and the minimum amount required for PIP coverage is $40 000 to cover necessary medical expenses for all the passengers involved. You are obliged to buy PIP since Minnesota implements a No-Fault System. As a result, injured driver will be paid by the insurance provider regardless of fault.

Although the state of Minnesota has instated a No-Fault System, this doesn’t denote that car crash victims could not seek payment for the damages incurred by the person at fault. Despite of having PIP coverage between both parties involved in the collision doesn’t exempt you from financial responsibility, in case you are proven to be at fault for the accident. For this matter, the state recommends all car owners to purchase more than the minimum auto liability coverage, preferably 100/300 for bodily injury coverage which means that $100 000 per person up to $300 000 per accident.

The Need for Online Auto Insurance Quote Comparison

The Internet allowed a lot of people in the state of Minnesota to instantly examine offers of various car insurance companies in a quick and convenient way. Yet, there are still Minnesota car insurance companies that do not provide online auto insurance quote but in turn, offers quality service and competitive rates. There are effective ways on how to compare quotes in order to get the best and most affordable car insurance in Minnesota.

Initially, you need to utilize numerous online auto insurance quote tools to know the baseline of Minnesota auto insurance coverage. Although there are services that advertise instant insurance quotes, expect that some take time to get your quote relevant to the existing laws of Minnesota. If the quote can be calculated through the computer, then you can get it instantly but if companies use human to compute, then you need to wait for their email or call.

When shopping for online auto insurance quote in Minnesota, never forget to write down all the rates you requested and compare all the quotes you receive under the same type of coverage. This is important so you can evaluate insurance quotes in terms of price.

Additionally, you also ask if the mode of payment equals with what you wanted. You do little research for any special offers and discount insurance policies in more than one company.

How to Reduce Minnesota Auto Insurance Cost

Because of the increasing insurance cost and the heavy price of vehicles, Minnesota car insurance can be quite hefty. Although insurance cost will very unlikely to lessen its price, the better part is that you can do something to get cheap car insurance in Minnesota. Learn few tricks on how to reduce your insurance premiums.

Cover multiple drivers/car – if you will only insure a single car, then you would likely end up getting higher quote rather than insuring several drivers in your household. It is because insurance companies always want your business and so they offer rates with bulk discounts to give you better deal if you bring more clients for them.

But before you sign multiple policies, ask first your insurance company if you are eligible to get the discount. Many auto insurance companies require that multiple drivers be related by marriage or blood and are living at same household.

Good Driving Record – to get the most affordable car insurance in Minnesota, you need to maintain good driving record. The more violations and accidents an individual committed, the more his going to pay higher insurance premiums. Insurance companies are too particular insuring high-risk drivers.

Taking Driving Course – completing defensive driving class can be your ticket in getting cheap auto insurance in Minnesota. Besides that, you can also reduce points on your license if you take this particular course.  But be sure to ask first your company if they offer discounts before taking this class. Nevertheless, your effort in signing up for a class must turn into big savings from your insurance.

Shop – if the annual insurance premium has increased markedly, then before signing for renewal on your previous company, consider shopping for quote on competing providers. It is advised to shop for quotes every year on other companies to check if there are low-cost rates out there and get cheap auto insurance in Minnesota.

Just in any other state, the cost of Minnesota auto insurance will continue to go up so to reduce your insurance premiums, shopping for online auto insurance quotes seems important for rate and policy comparison. So, enter your zip code in the blank field and start getting multiple quotes from reliable Minnesota vehicle insurance companies.

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