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by admin on March 24, 2011

Are you looking for ways to get cheap, affordable car insurance? Who isn’t right? After all, in the current situation of the economy, people everywhere are looking to cut costs anywhere they can and save as much money as they can where they can which include car insurance. Well then you’ve come to the right place because now all you have to do is to enter your zip code at the top of this website and press the “Get Quotes” button to start receiving online auto insurance quotes from multiple auto insurance companies.
But do you know that the best way to really find affordable auto insurance is to compare auto insurance quotes from different car insurance companies? And now, thanks to the development of modern technology, also more famously known as the Internet, finding affordable auto insurance is as easy as counting 1-2-3. And no we don’t mean cheap in terms of quality but cheap auto insurance in terms of price.

Everyone wants to find affordable auto insurance and everyone wants to get cheap auto insurance. Only thing is, not everyone is eligible for affordable car insurance quote. Only those who do their research well find the cheapest car insurance prices in the market. Why compare? Because it is when you compare auto insurance quote vis-à-vis another auto insurance quote that you will be able to see which among them will offer you the best possible deal in your auto insurance that suits your needs well.

Do you want an inside on how to get the cheapest car insurance quotes? Well then read on for tips you can follow.

Things Insurance Companies Look For When They Compute Your Car Insurance Rate:

1. Your Car’s Safety and Security Features. This is one of the biggest things an insurance company takes into consideration when they compute your auto insurance rate. If it is getting cheap auto insurance coverage you are after, then you should really invest in the safety and security of your vehicle.

For instance, look at where you park your car. Do you just park it in the side street, in front of your house? If you do, then you can kiss getting quoted for affordable car insurance goodbye because this gives insurance providers the impression that your car is at a high risk of getting stolen. Make sure you park your car in a garage with an automatic lock.

New car models nowadays come with car alarms, automatic locks and automatic seat belts and even GPS tracking device. These are great things to have because they will not only ensure that your car will be protected against theft but they will also help you score low cost auto insurance quotes.

2. Your Age. Most young drivers are not aware of this but their age affects the kind of car insurance quotes they will be receiving from the insurance providers. Car insurance prices typically become lower when you reach the age of 25 with discounts shooting up to as high as 20%. Did you know that drivers between the ages of 25 and 55 are the ones with the highest chances of getting cheap car insurance quotes? This is because they are considered to be the safest drivers on the road.

3. Your Residential and Workplace Area. When insurance agents calculate your auto insurance premium, they also take into consideration your residential area as well as your workplace area. If you live in a wealthy neighborhood, the chances of your car getting stolen, broken into or damaged are statistically lower compared to a neighborhood with a lot of urban settlers.
If you also live closer to your workplace, this is a plus for insurance providers because your risk of getting involved in an accident is lower compared to drivers who spend more time on the road. This is why when you apply for car insurance, insurance companies ask that you provide them with your home phone number and your workplace phone number so that they can determine just how much your car insurance premium will be.

4. Your Car’s Mileage. How frequent you use your car also plays a role in how much your car insurance premium will be. The logic behind this is that the lower your car mileage is, the lower your chances of getting in to an accident so you get lower auto insurance premium rates. So consider using your car only for long drives and maybe possibly just taking the train or bus to go to your desired location.

5. Your Credit Rating. Surprising as it may seem but insurance providers also look in on your credit standing when they compute your car insurance coverage. So check your credit rating to see if you are in good shape! Otherwise, you might want to consider looking for insurance providers that do not do credit checking.

6. Your Driving Education. Want to get affordable car insurance? Well here’s another thing you should look into: getting a defense driving education. Why? Because there are car insurance companies that give out considerable auto insurance discounts to drivers who bother themselves with attending a defensive driving course.

7. Your Driving Record. This is one of the biggest driving factors in how much your car insurance premium will be so if you are after getting affordable car insurance, make sure to clean up your driving record! This means avoiding getting speeding tickets or any other kind of traffic violation and basically being a safe driver on the road. Just how much discount you will get for being a “safe” driver with a “clean” driving record will vary from agent to agent and from company to company.

These are just some of the ways you can get affordable car insurance. There are plenty of others you can try to do to lower your auto insurance premium. But like we said in the beginning, probably the best way you can find the cheapest car insurance is to compare! Start seeing your savings rack up today by entering your zip code at the top of the site and press “Get Quotes” button. You’ll soon be receiving auto insurance quotes from various insurance providers without ever having to leave your seat.

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